Rehab For Working Professionals

Millions of adults in the United States face alcohol or drug addiction each year, with more than a third of those suffering from co-existing behavioral health conditions. These can include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or even borderline personality disorder.

Focused and Effective

Catering to patients from both blue-chip corporations and pressurized environments requires a high level of specialized attention.

Our outpatient rehab center offers focused substance addiction treatment with a standard of attention that individuals in these fields have come to expect.

Private care allows patients to recover and respond to their personalized treatment protocols.
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Since time is of the essence, patient-centric programs are designed for optimal efficiency.

Available Substance Abuse Treatments

Our specialists implement evidence-based treatment as primary modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on changing dysfunctional emotions, beliefs, and actions in order to improve mental health. Instead of concentrating on the source of the emotional conflict, this approach focuses on solutions, encouraging patients to challenge their skewed beliefs and modify their damaging behaviors.

Treament Modalities Include:
ASAT Icon Life Skills
Life-skills Courses
ASAT Icon Trauma
Trauma Therapy
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Stress Management
ASAT ICONS relapse
Relapse Prevention
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Family Therapy


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