Partial Care Program New Jersey

Psyclarity Health New Jersey blends inpatient-quality clinical care with outpatient style convenience, flexible treatment schedules, and supportive recovery housing.

Suitable Candidates for PHP

Statistically, patients who have successfully completed inpatient rehab and seek continued care greatly benefit from partial care programs.

This stage of treatment serves as a step towards returning to everyday life without significantly minimizing the level of care.

Other patients may require substance abuse treatment but are not able to commit to an inpatient program regime.

PHP provides flexibility and balance between clinical support and personal life, unlike any alternative level of care. Partial care creates an environment for patients to learn, apply, and hone the evidence-based skills and techniques that provide an opportunity for a healthy, sustainable life in recovery.

How Treatment Works

Generally, individuals in partial care programs are stable enough not to require close medical attention.

However, certified addiction specialists are on hand to monitor patients and address medication requirements.

PHP services generally incorporate:
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Assessment and treatment of addiction
Treatment of co-occurring mental health
social support dark blue
Individual, group, and family therapy
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Support groups, such as 12-step programs and others
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Therapy Provided

During treatment, patients engage in daily therapies and activities designed to address psychological issues, and enhance self-confidence, improve decision-making, and improve communication abilities.

These include:

Holistic treatments:

Additional activities such as meditation, yoga, journaling, fitness and nutrition advice, equine therapy, and art therapy are all beneficial in helping patients develop better life skills and habits to support a sober lifestyle.

Individual, group, or family counseling:

Sessions with certified counselors allow patients to explore their issues individually or in groups with feedback from others with similar problems.

Family therapy:

Family counseling provides loved ones with education on addiction and how to provide support during treatment. Patients are also shown how their behavior may have impacted their family and will be given the tools needed to address and resolve these issues.

Support groups:

Patients benefit from being included in 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Smart Recovery and Refugee Recovery. These peer groups provide encouragement, offer insight into managing life as a recovering addict, and create accountability. They also ensure long-term support and a sober network once the patient leaves the treatment program.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

CBT is a form of psychotherapy designed to identify and examine the dysfunctional thought patterns that may be causing a person to behave in a self-destructive way. With the assistance of a counselor, the patient is then able to develop healthier ways of dealing with these patterns.

Benefits of PHP

Although in many cases where residential treatment was advisable, the shortened length of stay was not conducive to the best outcome. Patients are only typically authorized for a 7-10 day stay and then are forced to return home to the same level of dysfunction they encountered prior to entering treatment.

Partial Care changes that dynamic and allows the patient to remain in a sober and supportive environment while they recover. Typically stays in this level of care are greater than thirty days which allows for a true immersive clinical experience.
Intensive, structured therapy to create healthy routines and encourage commitment to the proces
Access to comprehensive mental health care, in addition to counseling and therapy
Monitoring by certified addiction specialists to gauge medical needs or adjust medication
Greater flexibility
Additional support from family and loved ones while staying in a home environment
More affordable than inpatient rehab requiring full accommodation
Continued treatment programs following successful completion of the PHP


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