Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol At Work

Alcoholism and drug addiction in the workplace are cause for concern. Substance abusers are less productive, more likely to take sick days, more likely to injure themselves or cause injury, and more likely to file a worker’s compensation claim.
The impact of substance abuse in the workplace is highly detrimental to the individual and the company, where the bottom line is a priority. Employers are also faced with anxiety over the welfare of their staff, both those with substance use problems and those who work with them.

Problems related to substance abuse include:
Inefficiency, lethargy, disinterest
Interpersonal issues
Poor decision-making
Distraction and inattention
Tardiness or sleeping at work
Poor staff morale
High staff turnover
Training expenses for new staff
Theft or illegal activities
Disciplinary hearings


Of course, not all addiction is work-related, but with 70% of people with an addiction holding down jobs, it is inevitable that these problems will manifest in the work environment. While some employees are easy to identify as substance users, others may be high functioning users who maintain regular careers despite their alcohol or drug addiction. There are some common tell-tale signs that an individual may be abusing drugs or alcohol, these include:
EAP Icons screening
Poor Hygiene or Appearance
behavioral problems white icon
Mood Swings and Lack of Motivation
relationship challenges white symbol
Problems with Relationships or Personal Life
financial issues white icon
Persistent Financial Problems
Absenteeism white icon
Absenteeism for Vague Ailments or Family Issues
poor productivity white image
Disregard for Commitments or Assignments
Poor concentration image White
Poor Concentration or Memory Lapses
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At Psyclarity Health, we form and develop professional relationships in the form of partnerships and assistance programs to support employers, unions, and other professional associations wanting to offer addiction treatment to their workforce, union members, and patients.

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